Jared first meets Layla in Jared’s POV


This was originally written for Have Book Will Read’s Blog. They posted it for us on the blog tour so if you didn’t read it already….



Signaling a goodbye to Lorraine, I held my coffee tightly in my hand and headed for the door. I was just passing the large, store front window, when I spotted her.

Hair blonde hair blowing around in the light breeze and her eyes cast down at her purse. She was rummaging around for something and I just stood there, staring at her as she crossed the street. She was heading straight for the shop. My heart raced and I felt completely dazed. What the hell is happening to me? Get a damn grip Garrett!

I shook my head and headed for the door. I turned back to give Lorraine a nod, gripped the handle and was just about to pull it open when it flew toward me and hit me straight on the nose. My coffee tipped all over my Armani shirt as blood dripped slowly from my nose.


I closed my eyes and pinched my nose.

“Oh my god. I am so sorry. Here let me help you.”


I opened my eyes to see the blonde standing in front of me with a horrified look on her face.

She grabbed some napkins off the nearby table and began trying to stop my nose from bleeding. She was dabbing and pressing the damn things against the painful area and I winced.

She continued her attack and about a dozen napkins were now practically shoved up my nostril! I waved her off and pinched the bridge of my nose with my fingers.

“No, no. My mistake. How was I to know that someone would be ass walking their way into the shop? I mean, who watches the direction they’re going these days?”


I was a little sarcastic but, shit, she’d almost broken my damn nose!

She glared at me and I could see she was pissed. Holy fuck. She is fucking stunning.


“It was an accident. I didn’t see you because I was looking for my apron. You clearly didn’t see me either. What’s your excuse for not seeing me through a glass door?” I was watching you!  Her amazing turquoise eyes stared me down and I felt my cock twitch. She was angry, and I kinda liked it.


I stared back at her, raised an eyebrow and shook my head. She stood her ground despite me giving her my most unimpressed look. Girl has a real argumentative streak in her. Why is that so hot!? I opened my mouth to respond but I was interrupted by a frantic looking Lorraine who had left her spot at the counter and was now striding quickly over to us. She scanned our faces and then held her hands to her mouth.


“Oh my goodness Jared. Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

I am not a child for heaven’s sake woman. Get a grip. I held my fingers in front of me to check if my nose was still bleeding. It wasn’t.

Lorraine took my hand and led me to the office. The blonde followed behind us. Sitting me down on the desk chair, Lorraine began wiping me down with a damp piece of cloth. The blonde stood in the doorway and watched us. She really was cute.

Once Lorraine was satisfied that I was adequately cleaned up, she tilted my chin to face her and smiled. “There. Good as new and as handsome as ever.”

She gave the girl a look that suggested she was in some kind of trouble and left us alone in the office.

I got up, grabbed a tissue from the desk and began wiping myself down. I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye. She was checking me out and as her eyes scanned my body, I was sure I saw her blush. Like what you see huh?


She sighed loudly and walked over to stand in front of me.

“Look. I’m really sorry about the door. And your shirt. And your nose. But it really was an accident. I don’t make it a habit to walk around backwards. I was late for work and…”

Wait a second. The hot, completely fuckable, sassy and gorgeous girl works here!?

I stopped rubbing at my shirt as I absorbed the information.

I held up my left hand to silence her rambling.


“Wait. You work here? At Lorraine’s?”


She nodded.


Holy fuck. She works here. I could see her any time I want, ask her out. That argumentative streak in her could use a good spanking. Discipline would certainly do her a world of good. And me too.


I rolled my head back and closed my eyes tightly. I ran my hands over my face before meeting her eyes and staring down at her.

“Well I’ll be sure to send you the bill for my, now, completely un-wearable Armani shirt. The nose that you damaged, unfortunately, I will have to live with.”

Why are you being a jerk? You know you want her. You should apologize and ask her out. Except you can’t and you know you can’t. There’s no room in your world for that. Besides, she seems like the type to give you a whole heap of trouble.


She fisted her hands on her hips and with a furrowed brow, she glared up at me.

“Hey! I already apologized and I’ll be happy to pay for your shirt to be cleaned. It was, after all, my fault. But if you think for one moment that I’m going to stand here and put up with your attitude then you’re very much mistaken. You’ll find me in here most afternoons so please do drop by when you have something useful for me. Like the bill for that shirt.”


Wow. Whole heap of trouble or not, I wanted her more than ever now. The way she argued with me and got so fired up was so new. No one ever spoke to me like that. God, if she only knew who I was, I bet she’d be groveling at my feet. The idea excited me and as she turned on her heel and stormed out of the room, I stood, frozen and tried to calm myself. I was turned on, hot and furious. Her angry tones and flustered face had me reeling. What the hell Garrett?


She just caught you off guard and you’re stressed. You know sex is your go to move when you’re stressed. I bet she’d be a great little tension relief… Urgh. You can’t. Lorraine would kill you! Finally coming to my senses, I left the office and as I entered the shop, I spotted her by the counter. Just get out and forget it. I breezed past her, reminding myself not to look and headed for the door. Reaching out for the handle, I glanced back at her and shook my head before opening the door and leaving.

She is something else. This was far too complicated. You have to stay away. She works for you, she’s young, she’s way too much trouble and she would never go for it. You can’t go there with her Garrett. However much you want to. And boy, did I want to.



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