Bound Together Gallery

9 thoughts on “Bound Together Gallery

    • book 2 is amazing. i can’t wait to see what happens in book 3 I am in love and I don’t know who I love more jared or ollie, i started going for jared but ollie is just sexy hot and lust.

  1. Just finished book 1 couldn’t, get to the end quick enough the characters are well written and interesting which is why right up to the end I was really undecided who Layla would pick. I look forward to the next instalment of the series

  2. I have just read Bound Together and Last Christmas and totally ignored by family over Easter lol. I absolutely loved them both and will definitely be recommending them to my friends. Thank you for writing such fantastic books and I can’t wait for the next installment.

  3. I just read your book and i couldn’t let it until i finish….. I will get the next but please released the next one …… I can’ t wait

    • I can’t wait until the final book, I am dying of anticipation. it takes to long does anyone know about release of coming down. all I know is Layla is serioulsy one lucky girl. I can’t wait for Ollie to find out just how kinky our girl really can be, that will be amazing and there better be some adventures in that.

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