Ladies, I need you!

In 1973, Nancy Friday placed an ad asking women to submit, in detail, their private sexual fantasies.

She published them and received an astonishing amount of praise for finally revealing that women are equally as sexual as men and do indeed fantasize just as diversely.

In the recent years, erotica has become far more mainstream than ever before. Novels are flying from the shelves and the name ‘mommy porn’ was tossed into the public arena to justify the sudden surge of women buying book porn. But before the mommy porn even existed, there was always sexual fantasy. But has this new phenomenon also changed the way we fantasize?

So, I have an idea for a very different kind of book. As a psychotherapist, one of the things I see most are clients with unfulfilled sex lives. Why? Because many won’t talk about them…even to their lover. They’ll read about sex, watch porn but won’t talk about their own fantasies. So…I think it’s time we did. I’ve seen other such novels but I feel they are lacking in the real story. It’s just here’s my fantasy…wham bam and thank you ma’am.

I want the readers to understand who this woman is. Is she a mom? Is she working, raising a family and supporting her parents? Is she married? Is she single? I want to see how women’s fantasies are evolving and changing since the introduction of mainstream erotica.

For example: I’m 32 and since having my three kids, I’m a stay at home mom. They’re all under 10 so things get pretty hectic. I’ve been married for thirteen years and till the kids came along, we had a great sex life. We would usually have sex like 6 times a week. Now, it’s more like once a month. He’s just not as sexual as he used to be. Maybe it’s the lifestyle? Or maybe it’s our age. But when I’m alone, I have one fantasy that always gives me what I need…. and then you describe the fantasy…

Be as detailed as you like. There is no limit on words. Do not worry about spelling and grammar as this will be proofed before publishing.

This novel will be free on all platforms as it would not be my own intellectual property. It would be written by women and for women. No charge for your own sexual fantasy!

Please note that all submissions are subject to proofing but content shall remain un-changed. All submissions MUST be anonymous. Please do not submit any details that may lead to identification. By submitting your response, you give full permission to the author to publish said response in the specified novel Dirty Little Secrets, Female Sexual Fantasies. Copyrite also belongs to Marie Coulson.

If you would like to submit your anonymous fantasy, please do so here.

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