Authors Against Book Theft



I am beginning to get very tired of reading the following sentence on reviews not only of my own novels, but others that I have read or considered reading.

“This book fell way below what I expected. I’ll be returning it for sure.”

It doesn’t always read as these words, but the message is the same. The EPIDEMIC of people buying and returning novels  due to them ‘not being to their liking‘ is becoming ridiculous.

‘It didn’t end the way I wanted’. ‘It wasn’t what I expected‘. The reasons are irrelevant and they do not warrant a return. Would you return it if it was a paperback? Walk into a store and say “Sorry but it wasn’t my thing. Can I have my money back please?” Probably not? Then why are amazon continuing to allow people to do this with Kindle novels? Reading and returning a book is theft. When a consumer buys a novel, they are knowingly taking a risk that they may or may not enjoy it. Don’t we do the same at the movies? I’ve never asked the box office for a refund though and believe me, I’ve watched some real clangers!

Books should be returned for the same reason any product should be – if it is FAULTY. I refuse to sugar coat it. Does the book not read correctly or display correctly? No? It’s fine? Then SUCK IT UP sweetie. You bought it, you didn’t like it but you knew the risk. It has to STOP.



6 thoughts on “Authors Against Book Theft

  1. Well said!! I don’t understand how Amazon can justify this!?? It’s stealing!! There’s no other way to say it! God don’t sleep & I pity the person that has to face his/her maker for stealing a few dollars!!! Like you said SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!!

  2. I can’t believe people can do this. This is ridiculous. If you want to borrow a book go to the library. You buy it you own it. Simple. I agree that this is theft plain and simple.

  3. If this is theft, then do you also consider people buying something from the store and returning theft also? Because it is the same concept.

  4. I think you’ve missed my point. Buying something from a store and returning it due to it being faulty etc is not the same as buying a book, reading the entirety of it and then returning it. You have used the product to its full capacity and not paid for it. That is theft. It is the same if you bought a DVD, watched it and then returned it. That’s what rental stores are for. If you had a dinner party planned, would you buy a table for one night, spill things on it, kick the legs etc and then return it because you’ve already used it for what you wanted? Isn’t that immoral? The same thing applies to kindle books. Buying them, reading them and then returning them is theft. You’ve used a product to its full capacity and not paid for it. It’s like drinking the whole bottle of wine, disliking it and returning the empty bottle.

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