Diary Of A Dieter

And so smut lovers, I have news.


Diary Of A Dieter is finished! And…It’s coming to you August 17th!



But what is this new novel I hear you yell. Is it filthy? Full of hot and heavy alpha males and sensual desire??


In a word….NO.



Diary Of A Dieter is a British romantic comedy! Here’s the synopsis:

Curvy girl, Charlene Winters, had it all: the great career, wonderful friends and a dreamy fiancé.

With her wedding day just three weeks away, Charlene is dealt a devastating blow. Suddenly finding her life, hopes and plans in tatters, the jilted bride sinks into despair and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough. With the heartache of her fiancé’s infidelity still fresh, Charlene’s whisked away by her friends on a life-changing holiday. But how will this big fish cope now that she’s back in the dating pond and surrounded by slender trouts with Botox lips?

Frustrated by best friend Adam thwarting her attempts at romance, and her girls Vanessa and Dana eager to set her up with a boy toy, Charlene decides the time for change is upon her. What she needs is a change of scenery, a change of dress size and maybe, a change of heart.


So, what is it like? Well, don;t take my word for it….here’s some quotes about the novel so far.

Amazing author’s praise for Diary Of A Dieter!

“I had the privilege of reading this book and all I have to say; that my sides hurt from laughing and my heart swelled with emotion of the most epic proportions.
There hasn’t been book to compare to my all time favorite Romantic Comedy, until Now! Diary of Dieter is by far the Best Romantic Comedy book I have ever read and it needs to become a movie!” –HP Landry Author of Wrecked.

Do you like Bridget Jones? Well this book ranks right up there and is hysterical, romantic, and crazy good! I scored an advanced copy and literally laughed out loud while reading many of the scenes in this book. Grandma is a hoot and Adam is… Well, you’ll see!! It’s coming soon–August 17th–so add it to your “to be read” list!! Rhonda Raymond Dennis Author of The Green Bayou Novels

It’s Bridget Jones meets Sex In The City! – Kerri Williams author of The Moore Justice Trilogy

Add to your TBR list!!! I was lucky to be a Beta reader for this book & OMG is all I can say!! I’ve never laughed so much reading! The characters are perfect and the story is relatable! You’re going to fall in love with Adam!! Adam Adam Adam(sigh)!! And Grandma!! Grandma is hilarious!! Get ready to LOL with her!! She’s a hoot! Great job Marie Coulson!! – Beta Reader Jennifer DeHart Sons


If you’re a blog and would like to take part in the blog tour…you can sign up here. Or if you would like to receive a review ARC, please email me at authormariecoulson@hotmail.co.uk


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