News and update..

As many of you follow me on twitter or Facebook, this news will not come as a surprise to you but thank you for reading anyway.

I have had a lot of people asking when they can expect Burning Up to be released. I don’t have a date set yet as I am still writing. The release was set for spring but due to unforseen circumstances, I’ve had to delay this. I’m happy to reveal that the reason for my delay in writing is because I am expecting my first child.


The first few weeks were very stressful and I was hospitalised several times due to complications. However, I am pleased to announce that baby and I are doing very well and will be meeting in person November this year. I am only now into my second trimester and I am hopeful that my health and energy will now keep increasing and therefore allow me to write more productively.


I appreciate how frustrating it is to be waiting on a book that you are keen to get your hands on (I’ve been there!) But I would much rather take my time and deliver you a novel that I can be proud of and pleased with rather than one that has been rushed to meet demand.


I am so grateful and touched by all of your well wishes and will keep you updated as much as I can on the progress of Burning Up.


With my heartfelt love and gratitude to all my friends, fans and family…


Marie and bump.

2 thoughts on “News and update..

  1. Congratulations to you and your growing family!!!! As devoted as I am to the upcoming book I can’t help but be more thrilled for your fall release!!! I am sure he or she will be the Best Work of Your Life! Congrats again! Cheryl
    PS. Still will continue to stalk looking forward to the book!! But also excited for you and your baby too

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