Aspergers Syndrome and other Mental Health


I am personally DISGUSTED by the accusations and hurtful comments that some people have made against people with Aspergers. I have experience with autism, Aspergers and other mental health disorders. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people paint everyone with the same brush. I understand a need for blame, grief and the pain people feel at this time but to use a condition that people are born with as a reason for violent behavior is not only immoral but misleading. It causes public unrest and feeds in to the negative stereotypes, that as a united world, we have fought hard to eradicate.Certain media organizations should be ashamed of themselves in this instance.

Having a mental health problem doesn’t automatically make you dangerous. A lack of understanding, support, medication, help and other emotional or circumstantial problems can drive people to the very edge. And if, when they get there and they stand alone in the dark, no one reaches for their hand to pull them back in to the light. It is then that they become lost to us. It certainly leaves us with something to think about as a human race.

So I am not willing to be silent. I must make a stand and use the voice god gave me. I will stand up for those who perhaps don’t have that voice and raise awareness of this important subject. This stigma must end.

My name is Marie and I have a mental health problem. I have had it almost all of my adult life. I will say it loud and proud. I am NOT and WILL NOT ever be ashamed of my condition. I love you all and thank you for reading. ♥

For more information on Aspergers Syndrome please visit:

Asperger's Awareness Community

Asperger’s Awareness Community

2 thoughts on “Aspergers Syndrome and other Mental Health

  1. Amen…I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt like that…my nephew is on the severe side of the spectrum of autism and he would never think of doing something a horrific like that…but his disability is not an excuse. Just because he looks normal until he opens his mouth…Jacob is discriminated against everyday. And the looks he gets when we are out in public…like they are disgusted…I WANT TO BEAT THEIR ASSES!!! Which isn’t right….but neither is looking at a child, the sweetest, smartest, most loving 13year old boy ever…like he is dog shit on your shoe!!! It sickens me and makes my heart hurt for Jacob. Just because he is different doesn’t not make him special or human…who deserves to be treated as such!!!!!! And just because he doesn’t notice how you look at him…others who love him do…so now you hurt two for one. Hope your proud of yourselves and i hope your conscious makes it hard to look yourselves in the eye when you look in the mirror!!!! And I love to give them the same disgusted look and say Careful your ignorance is showing….they don’t like that!!!! So know you know how it feels…sucks don’t it!!! Ignorance isn’t and excuse for your behavior….

    Thanks for standing up for people with disabilities…for using your voice to maybe get people to be aware of what stereotyping can lead to! Sorry i kinda went off and for my language…but it had to come out.

    My heart and prayers go out to all the victums and their families…I’m so very sorry for your lost…

  2. Thank you for taking a stand and speaking out about something that others try to hide or not speak of except in hushed and negative tones. I teach several children with mental illnesses, emotional disturbance, and I have taught many students with Asperger Syndrome over the years. These students are human….they are people just like you and me…they are just as precious as anyone else. Just because a label of disorder or syndrome has been attached to someone does not make them a threat or danger to society. So many other conditions and factors go into someone’s behavior….NOT any particular disorder. Kudos to you, Marie for taking a stand!

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