Authors Against Book Theft



I am beginning to get very tired of reading the following sentence on reviews not only of my own novels, but others that I have read or considered reading.

“This book fell way below what I expected. I’ll be returning it for sure.”

It doesn’t always read as these words, but the message is the same. The EPIDEMIC of people buying and returning novels  due to them ‘not being to their liking‘ is becoming ridiculous.

‘It didn’t end the way I wanted’. ‘It wasn’t what I expected‘. The reasons are irrelevant and they do not warrant a return. Would you return it if it was a paperback? Walk into a store and say “Sorry but it wasn’t my thing. Can I have my money back please?” Probably not? Then why are amazon continuing to allow people to do this with Kindle novels? Reading and returning a book is theft. When a consumer buys a novel, they are knowingly taking a risk that they may or may not enjoy it. Don’t we do the same at the movies? I’ve never asked the box office for a refund though and believe me, I’ve watched some real clangers!

Books should be returned for the same reason any product should be – if it is FAULTY. I refuse to sugar coat it. Does the book not read correctly or display correctly? No? It’s fine? Then SUCK IT UP sweetie. You bought it, you didn’t like it but you knew the risk. It has to STOP.



Burning Up – Epilogue

Here’s a little something I rustled up as an epilogue to Burning Up. It didn’t make the final edit but I wanted to share it with you anyway! Here’s Ollie’s POV!




I’m in hell. Yep, hell. Holding my head in my hands, I groaned deeply. Sitting down beside me, Eric rested his hand on my shoulder.

“What’s up, dude?”

He was kidding, right?

“What’s up? Are you serious? Did you miss what happened back there? I finally won, Eric. I got her! She told me she wants me, loves me and she actually chose me. And then, she watches me climb onto a bus with you two assholes and a chick I used to fuck! She’s probably going fucking nuts right now! I know I would be!”

Turning around in his seat, Nick leaned over the back of it and smirked at me. “Pffft. So she gets a little dose of jealousy, sounds fucking justified if you ask me. She deserves a little paranoia.”

I scowled at him. “I don’t want her to suffer and be all paranoid and shit! I need her freaking out and getting pissed at me like a hole in my damn head!”

Ignoring Nick, who had now moved to the seat directly behind mine and begun kicking at it, I turned to Eric for advice but shrugging his shoulders, he quickly stood and made his way to the back of the bus.

“Thanks for the advice, dickwad” I yelled over my shoulder at him. He’d only been out of the seat for five seconds before Shaye was suddenly planted in it. Her fingers were winding through my hair and as I pulled my head from her grasp, she chuckled.

“What’s eating you, hot stuff?”

I scowled at her. “Don’t ask stupid questions, Shaye. What the fuck are you doing here?”

She snickered and leaning back in the seat, she swung her feet up onto the one in front.

“Relax will you? Jeeze. A thank you would be nice.”

I stared at her with confusion. “Thank you? For what!?”

Smiling, she winked at me. “Who do you think got you noticed? Regina Littman was looking at hooking me up with some lame ass girl band. I figured while she was in town, I would show her a good time. So I took her to Benny’s. I remembered you going on and on about how you guys played there. She saw you and after I plowed her with booze, she was eating out of my fucking hand begging for details. But I figured I’d keep her hanging, make her hungry for you guys on her payroll. When she called to say she found you, she was desperate for details and digits. So, I tossed her a little back story on you guys in exchange for a place in the group. She owed me. She fucking knew she’d struck gold finding you guys.”

I shook my head in disbelief. Now I was supposed to be fucking grateful to her? Great. As if I didn’t have enough problems, now, I had Shaye to deal with. Of all the bass playing, vocalists that the label could have picked, they had to go and hire the one I happened to have fucked!

“So that piece of ass you were holding on to on the sidewalk, was that your latest lay – em and leave – em buddy?” she asked with a raised brow.

I rolled my eyes. “No. I don’t do that shit anymore, Shaye.”

“Shame. I was hoping for a repeat of the last time we met. Even you have to admit it was the best fuck you’ve ever had.”

I winced as the memories of that night flashed in front of me. “It was fine,” I lied. Truth was, sex with Shaye had been…almost supernatural. I mean the girl was fucking possessed! She was crazy insatiable. We had sex that you see in porno’s. It was swinging from the light fixtures and feeling like you just went eight rounds with Mike Tyson, kinda sex!

“Fine? Who are you trying to kid? Seven hot hours of sex and you call that fine?”

Leaning over the back of Shaye’s seat, nick practically drooled. “Seven hours? Are you fucking kidding me? This chick went for seven hours and you threw her back!?”

I reached behind me and smacked him around the head. “Shut up, Nick. It was just sex.”

Rubbing his head, Nick grinned. “I bet she could teach Layla a thing or nine!”

I almost leapt out of my seat as I turned around and reached for him over the back of it. I caught the collar of his shirt and gripped it tightly.

“Dude, I will end you. Don’t ever fucking talk about Layla and sex in the same sentence ever again. I don’t even want you thinking about it. Layla and the sex we have is none of your business. Douche.”

Grabbing my hand, he chuckled. “Okay, okay! Relax dude. I swear to never talk about Layla and her lack of kink ever again.”

Letting him go, I glared at him suspiciously.

“But you can’t stop me thinking about it,” he threw over his shoulder as he began walking away from me. But walking soon turned to jogging and almost sprinting when he saw me jumping over Shaye and heading right for him.

Eric sat at the back of the bus with his guitar in his hand, chuckling at us. Nick halted, closed his eyes and held up his hands defensively.

“Dude! She’s a total hottie. All tits and ass.”

That did it, leaping at him; I tackled him to the ground and held him in a headlock.

“Stop that you fucking perv. That’s my girl!”

Eric practically rolled around with laughter as Nick and I wrestled on the floor of the bus.

“Ollie, man, it’s a compliment. Your girl is a hot piece of ass!”

I kicked him in the thigh. “Shut up!”

Rolling his eyes at us, Eric groaned. “Ollie, as much as I enjoy watching that sick, sexual predator suffer, we need him. He’s the only drummer we got. Don’t break him.”

Letting Nick go, I shoved him playfully one last time. “Ass.”

The sound of heels behind me caught my attention and wincing a little, I turned to find Shaye right behind me.

“No need to fight boys, there’s plenty of Shaye to go around. Form a line behind Ollie. We might be a few days.”

I let out a groan and squared up to her. “Shaye, drop it. Your siren, come get me I’m yours act might work with these assholes, but I know the real you. All of you. Don’t push my buttons.”

Her eyes widened and she moved back slightly before shaking her head a little and smirking. “Whatever you say hottie. But we both know you’re just a few bourbons away from screwing my brains out.”

Glaring at her, I pushed her out of my way and stormed across the bus to a large round bed in the corner. Pulling out my cell, I dialed quickly. Shaye sauntered up and laid down beside me, draping her arm around the pillow above my head. I gave her a warning look but it did little to deter her. I waited for what felt like forever on that phone as it rang and rang in my ear.


Her voice purred at me down the line and my insides instantly heated.

“I was missing you already.” I said as Shaye began teasing her fingers through my hair. Damn this girl was seriously pushing her luck. Couldn’t she take the hint?

“Aww. You’ve been gone like fifteen minutes rock star.”

Grabbing Shaye’s hand, I pushed it away from me and shook my head.

“Minutes feel like years when they’re spent away from you.”

Shaye rolled her eyes and began putting her fingers down the throat in a gagging fashion. Bitch. I mouthed at her to knock it off, but smiling, she simply shrugged and rolled over to look out of the window.

“Layla, you know I only want you, don’t you? No one else comes close. I’ve fought too hard and too long for us and I’m not about to throw it away for some girl I hooked up with when I was stupid and damaged. She was nothing and means nothing.”

Turning around sharply, Shaye smirked at me. It was un-nerving. Leaning closer, she pushed her tongue into my ear and moaned deeply. Fuck! I tried to move away but her hand caught my hair and gripping firmly, she held my head in her hands.

“Ollie, I trust you. It’s her I don’t trust. She’s bad news and she clearly wants a repeat of whatever you had before.”

I tried to concentrate but as Shaye’s free hand moved south to my crotch, it was near impossible to keep my cool. I was ready to kill this bitch but if Layla even got a sniff of something going on, I was a dead man and our relationship would be buried with me!

“Baby, I love you. That’s all you need to know. She can do whatever she wants, she can tease and she can try, but I’m not interested.”

I glared at Shaye who was nibbling on my earlobe as I spoke, hoping she’d get the message. Smiling at me, she pulled away and thrust her hand into my jeans, grabbing me in her palm. I almost leapt from my fucking seat! Clasping her wrist, I pulled her hand out and shoved her forcefully from the bed and on to the floor. She stared at me and bit her lip.

I turned away from her and sighed deeply as Layla began rambling about trust and how she needed me to trust her too. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust her, but based on our history, I wasn’t without my doubts. But then, could you blame me?

“Layla, stop! I trust you. Okay? I love you. You’re the Courtney to my Kurt.”

She giggled a little and it made me smile. I loved the sound of her laughter. It was bright and always reminded me of summer. I never could figure out why.

“And you’re the Kermit to my Miss Piggy,” she chuckled.

I laughed with her. “What, all green, bug eyed and web-footed?”

“No. You’re the frog I kissed to get my handsome prince.”

I smiled broadly. “Smooth, Superstar. Very smooth.”

The sound of voices in the background caught my attention and I immediately recognized the shrieking and shrill tones of Mel’s voice.

“I better go, Ollie. Mel wants us to help her pick out a dress for her fathers big dinner this weekend.”

A little disappointed, I let out a long breath. “Ok, baby.”

“I miss you, Ollie. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Hanging up, I turned my attention to Shaye who was now laying on the floor with her feet on the edge of the bed.

Standing over her, I snarled fiercely. “What the fuck do you think you’re playing at!? You seriously crossed the line back there. Are you that fucking sick!?”

She shrugged and smiled up at me. “It was just a little fun, Rock star. Chill out. This trip is gonna be a serious drag if you don’t lighten the hell up, buzzkill.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Bending down, I growled at her. “You might have talked and fucked your way into this band, but you mean nothing to me. If you pull any of that shit ever again, I will make your life a living hell.”

Moving closer, she pressed herself against me and inhaled deeply. Her lips grazed my ear and I felt my cock twitch. The memory of our night together was still one of the hottest I could recall. It wasn’t that I wanted her, it was involuntary. I was powerless to stop myself as the thoughts heated my blood and I was certain she knew.

Smirking like a cat that got the cream, she glanced down at my crotch before snickering at me. “In your dreams.”

I watched as she walked slowly away from me toward Nick and Eric. Running my fingers through my hair, I took a deep and calming breath.

Fuck. I needed to get this shit under control or I was going to be in some serious and dangerous trouble.




Burning Up



First of all, I need to say how truly grateful I am to you all for your patience. Due to my expecting my first child and various health issues, this book is LONG overdue!

But today, I am giving you, the cover, release date AND chapter 1!!!!!!

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BurningUp Amazon GR SW

Title – Burning Up (Bound Together #2)

Author – Marie Coulson
Release date – November 1st
Genre – Contemporary romance with sexual scenes.
Scorching heat…
Erotic pleasure…
Intense passion…
Layla Jennings thought she had it all figured out. The right time, the right place and the right guy.
After leaving behind her life and friends in Long Beach, Layla must now walk the path she has chosen, hand in hand with the man who holds her heart.
As the flame of love continues to burn brightly, she discovers more about herself and the man she loves every day.  But what happens if the fire goes out? What happens when half of your heart is across an ocean?
With the other man in her life unwilling to give up his fight for her, and a danger she is too blind to see, Layla must battle between the safe and steady journey she has embarked on and the one that leads to destinations unknown.
Chapter 1

The Big Apple

Walking through the crowds, I gazed out of the vast window at the sparkling lights of New York. “Does he know I’m here?”
Daniel shook his head. “You asked me not to say, so I didn’t. I’m really glad you’re here though. He’s been fucking miserable since we left Long Beach. Besides, with you here, I have someone to talk to and keep me from going crazy. Things are about to get real hectic at the company. You sure you know what you’re in for?”
I gave him a puzzled look and he smiled at me. “Guess not. Well, you’ll learn.”
Daniel wasn’t just Jared’s driver; he was his friend, even if Jared didn’t realize it or choose to admit it. I felt that the two of us had also become friends. After all, he’d had my back so many times I’d lost count. When I’d been arrested, it was Daniel who’d called Jared and, as it turned out, broken several traffic laws to get to him. That awful night at Felix’s apartment would have ended a lot differently had Daniel not called Jared and warned him of our activity. I had a lot to thank him for and keeping him company during our time together, was the least I could do. I figured that it must be lonely work driving Jared around. Sitting there, in the front seat, a screen between them; it all seemed awfully secluded, isolated and impersonal. I was not going to be one of those high society girlfriends that I saw in magazines and newspapers. The ones that look as though they have caramel stuck to the end of their noses and pout a lot when people speak to them. I was definitely not buying into the hype of that lifestyle. Daniel was stuck with me now and I was determined that we were going to have some fun.
“Do we have to go straight to the apartment? Will he get suspicious if you’re gone?”
He eyed me skeptically. “I guess not. I told him I had to run errands and he’s been so distant, he just kinda nodded and dismissed me. I could have been naked and dancing and he wouldn’t have noticed. He’s really not himself right now.”
My heart sank. My intense, hot mess, business man was in pain and I was the cause. Bitch.
I was desperate to see him and put him out of his agonizing misery but I was also determined to get to know Daniel better. I was going to be spending a lot of time with him during the next few months and aside from Jared, he was the only person I knew in New York and I hardly knew him at all.
Reaching the exit, Daniel gestured to the shiny, sleek Mercedes parked curbside.  I smiled at the familiarity of it. Opening my door, he ushered me inside before running around to pack my case into the trunk. He got into the driver’s seat and glanced back, smiling at me. I leaned forward and rested my hand on his shoulder. “I’m starving. Dinner?”
He gave me a look that told me he was unsure if it was such a good idea. “I don’t know. I mean, aren’t you anxious to see him?”
I shook my head. I wasn’t anxious to see him, I was freaking out from nerves and the more I worried, the harder my stomach churned. “Nope. I’m hank marvin and I need something to eat before I throw up from nerves.”
He chuckled. “Hank marvin?”
I nodded. “Yeah, you know, starving? I heard it on t.v once.”
He threw his head back and laughed. “Since you put it that way, I’d be happy to have dinner with you. There’s a burger joint just around the corner or do you want something a little fancier?”
I shrugged. “I think, a nice juicy burger sounds awesome.”
Sitting in the booth, I scanned my surroundings. New York was a far cry from Pasadena or even Long Beach. It was almost eight in the evening and the streets were still bustling with people.
The burger bar was quiet though. It was one of those nineteen fifties diner types and had a jukebox playing in the corner. The waitress rolled over on her skates and placed the most enormous cheese burger that I had ever seen, in front of me. The smell of greasy food and the delicious vanilla from my creamy and ice cold milkshake was a welcome scent. Every single bite of my meal was like a taste of heaven. I really was hungry. I hadn’t eaten properly in days and I finally had my appetite back. I was definitely looking forward to my first New York bagel too. Bagels. Coffee. Ollie.
My heart plummeted into my stomach again and I suddenly lost my appetite. My chest felt tight and I could feel unshed tears begging to be released.
I could only imagine how broken he was right now. I’d done a horrible thing and I’d done it over a text! It was selfish, cowardly and I deserved whatever hate or anger he was feeling toward me. He hadn’t replied or called since and I knew that we were not only done as lovers but also as friends. He’d never forgive me now and I didn’t deserve him to.
Daniel frowned at me. “You okay? You seem a little distracted. You’re not having second thoughts are you?”
Snapping out of my mood and forcing thoughts of Ollie out of my mind, I shook my head. “No. I’m just a little tired from the flight.”
He smiled and took another big bite of his burger.
Pushing my plate away, I leaned back and cocked my head to the side. “So, I guess you’ll be keeping me company while Jared works huh? I hope you don’t mind. I promise not to be high maintenance and to make it as much fun as I can.” He grinned and pushed his plate away, cleaning his hands on a napkin.
“It’s my job to take you wherever you want to go. Jared doesn’t usually use the Mercedes unless he’s going to a formal dinner or social. He’ll take the Jag so that leaves me at your disposal. Shopping shows and sightseeing; I’m the man to take you there. With Jared’s permission, of course.”
Jared’s permission? I rolled my eyes and shook my head at the statement. The whole time we’d been together he seemed to think he could dictate where I could go, how and with whom. Things were going to change and for the better, I hoped.
“You leave Jared to me. I want to see everything. All the sights this city has to offer and Jared is not going to stop me from having fun. I’m an adult and it’s time he started treating me like one.”
Daniel nodded but I could see he was conflicted. “Well, if anyone can handle him, I’d say you can. Speaking of Jared, we should probably get going. You ready for this?”
I bit my lip and smiled. I was so ready I was practically giddy with anticipation. Rolling his eyes, Daniel paid for our meal, even though I’d begged him to let me and we made our way back to the car.
Sitting in the back, I needed a distraction as my nerves began to swarm in my stomach. “So where’s home for you Daniel?”
He looked at me in the rear-view mirror. “Illinois. I moved to California when my dad got transferred to another division of his company. I was about thirteen. My mom moved back to Illinois after the divorce though. How about you?”
He nodded and smiled. “Small town boy, small town girl and here we are in the big apple. Have you ever been to New York before?”
I shook my head. “Other than San Francisco, I’ve never really traveled beyond Long Beach. You like it here? I mean, you must be here a lot with Jared and his business.”
He glanced in the mirror at me again and I saw his eyebrows furrow. “Can’t say I hate it or love it. It’s where I am. I have an apartment here which Jared pays for and I look at it as just another place I work. It’s not like I vacation here or anything. I’m on duty all week and some Saturdays, so I never really thought about whether I like it. I hardly know it. I’ve never seen the sights or anything else New York has to offer outside of the functions I drive Jared to.”
I felt bad for him and decided then, that I would do everything I could to make his time and mine in New York more fun.
“I guess we’re both gonna have to make New York home for now. Stick with me Dan. I intend to have lots of fun while I’m here.”
He smiled and chuckled a little. “Dan?”
I blushed. “Do you hate it?”
He shook his head. “I like it. Dan. Yep. You can call me Dan Miss Jennings.”
I grinned and leaned forward to his seat. “And you must call me Layla. Deal?”
His smile widened. “Deal. Well, we’re here. I’ll get your bags and give you a minute to breathe. You look a bit flushed.”
I looked at myself in the rear view. I was beet red. Nerves were no longer swarming; they were twirling like a tornado in my stomach.
We’d pulled up in front of an impressive building. With its white brick and elegant golden window frames, it was certainly extravagant and definitely expensive. One look at the name above the golden framed glass door told me I was right. ‘Garrett Towers’. It was one of Jared’s for sure.
My eyes immediately darted to the top floor where he would no doubt have the penthouse. My heart did a little skip and my insides twisted.
Opening my door, Daniel smiled and held my bags in his hand.
“Ready?” Now there was a question I had no answer to.
Ready to go up there? Absolutely. Ready to see Jared? Oh good God yes. Ready to leave my old life behind and start my new one with him? Well, that would come eventually. Wouldn’t it?
The doorman saw me exit the car and nodded at Daniel. “Layton, this is Miss Jennings. She’s here to see Mr. Garrett. Would you please grant her entry while I park the car?” The large and burly gentleman scanned me from head to toe as I stood awkwardly on the sidewalk. I bit my lip anxiously.
Opening the door, he smiled politely. “Of course. Right this way. Let me take your bags for you ma’am.”
Daniel grinned at me and nudged my arm, immediately pulling me from my dazed state. “You gotta go in there some time. He’s going to be thrilled to see you. Go on. Get in there girl.”
I beamed back at him and threw my arms around his neck. “Thank you so much, Dan. Wish me luck.”
He snorted. “You don’t need it. He’s crazy about you. I’ll catch you later. Have a good night.” Giving me a wink, he got in the car and drove away toward a large pair of iron gates, which I assumed, led to the parking lot beneath the building
Layton cleared his throat loudly. Giving him an apologetic look, I followed him inside.
The foyer was a gleaming white and the front desk was a beautiful ivory stone with gold trim. It matched the marble floor perfectly. I stood at the elevator and fidgeted mindlessly. When it finally chimed and the doors opened, I was so caught up in my thoughts, it startled me a little. I could hardly breathe as we entered and as Layton reached for the keypad, I caught his hand in my own. “I just need a minute.” Taking a deep, calming breath, I held my nerve and nodded at him. He pressed the ‘P’ on the panel and I hitched a breath as the doors closed and we headed, rapidly, to the penthouse. Well, here we go.

Diary Of A Dieter

And so smut lovers, I have news.


Diary Of A Dieter is finished! And…It’s coming to you August 17th!



But what is this new novel I hear you yell. Is it filthy? Full of hot and heavy alpha males and sensual desire??


In a word….NO.



Diary Of A Dieter is a British romantic comedy! Here’s the synopsis:

Curvy girl, Charlene Winters, had it all: the great career, wonderful friends and a dreamy fiancé.

With her wedding day just three weeks away, Charlene is dealt a devastating blow. Suddenly finding her life, hopes and plans in tatters, the jilted bride sinks into despair and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough. With the heartache of her fiancé’s infidelity still fresh, Charlene’s whisked away by her friends on a life-changing holiday. But how will this big fish cope now that she’s back in the dating pond and surrounded by slender trouts with Botox lips?

Frustrated by best friend Adam thwarting her attempts at romance, and her girls Vanessa and Dana eager to set her up with a boy toy, Charlene decides the time for change is upon her. What she needs is a change of scenery, a change of dress size and maybe, a change of heart.


So, what is it like? Well, don;t take my word for it….here’s some quotes about the novel so far.

Amazing author’s praise for Diary Of A Dieter!

“I had the privilege of reading this book and all I have to say; that my sides hurt from laughing and my heart swelled with emotion of the most epic proportions.
There hasn’t been book to compare to my all time favorite Romantic Comedy, until Now! Diary of Dieter is by far the Best Romantic Comedy book I have ever read and it needs to become a movie!” -HP Landry Author of Wrecked.

Do you like Bridget Jones? Well this book ranks right up there and is hysterical, romantic, and crazy good! I scored an advanced copy and literally laughed out loud while reading many of the scenes in this book. Grandma is a hoot and Adam is… Well, you’ll see!! It’s coming soon–August 17th–so add it to your “to be read” list!! Rhonda Raymond Dennis Author of The Green Bayou Novels

It’s Bridget Jones meets Sex In The City! – Kerri Williams author of The Moore Justice Trilogy

Add to your TBR list!!! I was lucky to be a Beta reader for this book & OMG is all I can say!! I’ve never laughed so much reading! The characters are perfect and the story is relatable! You’re going to fall in love with Adam!! Adam Adam Adam(sigh)!! And Grandma!! Grandma is hilarious!! Get ready to LOL with her!! She’s a hoot! Great job Marie Coulson!! – Beta Reader Jennifer DeHart Sons


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Diary Of A Dieter Cover Reveal!!

So, as most of you know, I have been busy writing 2 novels during my pregnancy. The first, the sequel to Bound Together and this one. Diary Of A Dieter is a British Romantic Comedy. It’s genre is Adult Contemporary and here is the BIG cover reveal!



Book Title: Diary Of A Dieter

Author: Marie Coulson

Genre: Contemporary Romance. A British Romantic Comedy.

Release Date: August 2013



Curvy girl, Charlene Winters, had it all: the great career, wonderful friends and a dreamy fiancé.

With her wedding day just three weeks away, Charlene is dealt a devastating blow. Suddenly finding her life, hopes and plans in tatters, the jilted bride sinks into despair and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough. With the heartache of her fiancé’s infidelity still fresh, Charlene’s whisked away by her friends on a life-changing holiday. But how will this big fish cope now that she’s back in the dating pond and surrounded by slender trouts with Botox lips?

Frustrated by best friend Adam thwarting her attempts at romance, and her girls Vanessa and Dana eager to set her up with a boy toy, Charlene decides the time for change is upon her. What she needs is a change of scenery, a change of dress size and maybe, a change of heart.



And then it dawned on me. If Brad wasn’t getting off on my jelly parts, then whose jelly mould was he filling instead?

“Oh. My. God. Who is she?”

Adam had taken a seat on my pastel pink sofa and his eyes were burning into me as I held my breath, waiting for the reply.

“What? What do you mean who is she?”

I snorted a laugh.

“Now who needs to be honest? I’m not an idiot, Brad. You’re not fucking me and I know you aren’t self-pleasuring. We both know how you hate the mess and all. So don’t bother pretending like you’re not screwing some skank. I should probably get fucking tested. Do you keep your clothes on with her to avoid all the icky sex sweat too?”

That seemed to just make him angry.

“She is not a skank!”

I knew it! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Oh the arsehole-ism knows no bounds! Not only was I jilted, dumped and fat, but I was also cheated! Merry Christmas Charlene!

“You dick! You complete and total dick! How long!? Who is she? I have a right to know!”

He sighed deeply in a self-pitying way as though it were hard for him to speak. Pfft. He’d get no sympathy from me. He’d given me a ring and now I would give him the finger. Metaphorically speaking of course.

“Uh, Charlie?”

I turned around and held my hand over the receiver as I snapped at Adam.

“Shhh. Can’t you see I’m in the middle of being crushed? Can’t a girl get dumped in peace anymore?”

He made a gesture as though he were zipping his mouth shut and leaned back in his seat.

“She’s a woman from work. We went out for drinks one evening after work. We were celebrating a huge win on a case. One thing led to another and…”

“And you had a minor memory lapse in which you forgot you were engaged!? You are such an asshole!”

“I never meant for it to happen, Charlene. It just did. I’m sorry and I would have preferred you to have never found out but I couldn’t marry you when I’m in love with Aneska.”

The skank had a name. Aneska. Sounded like some sort of medicinal cream you rubbed on a bad nappy rash or irritation. Right now, that’s exactly what she was. A pain in my arse!

“I hate you. I hate you so fucking much.”

“Please try to understand, Charlene. I’m doing this for both of us.”

I laughed.

“Oh, how silly of me. I should have thanked you for shagging your colleague. It was such a wonderful and sweet gesture for you to make. It’s the best Christmas gift I could ever have asked for. Truly. But next year, I’d love for you to stick your dick in a live plug socket! It’ll leave you just as shocked and burning as I am right now! It would be the best gift ever.”

I cast my eye at Adam who had crossed his legs and cleared his throat a little. He was clearly imaging how that sort of connection might feel. Shame Brad couldn’t have done the same. If he’d have kept his fucking legs crossed, I wouldn’t currently want to hack his dick off with a rusty kitchen knife. Meat and two veg, coming right up!

I’ll be keeping you all up to date as and when things progress and when a release date is set! In the meantime, you can add Diary Of A Dieter to your To Be Read List by clicking here —–>


A rant and update

I received a VERY rude message via facebook today. A reader was infuriated about my sequel not being available yet and accused me of simply letting readers down and dragging out the release to build more suspense and, in her words, milk people for the money. I am absolutely outraged! The reason for Burning Up being delayed is because I am pregnant. Unfortunately, it has made me feel a little less myself recently and writing for hours and hours on end isn’t going to be healthy for me or my unborn child. I will not release a book unless I feel it’s ready and I refuse to rush that to meet the public demand. My health, my unborn child and my professional work is the most important thing to me. Burning Up is in progress and will be released when I feel it is good enough and when I am happy to have people read it. I write because I have a story to tell. Money has never been the driver for my work. When I sat down to write Bound Together in the summer of 2012, I had no idea how well recieved it would be. I adore hearing from fans and readers who have enjoyed the story and characters so much and am grateful to each and every one of you. However, I do not take kindly to accusations that I am procrastinating for financial gain. I assure you, I am not.

Writing, editing and proofing takes a great deal of time and energy. I lack both at this moment in time. I’m hopeful that as my pregnancy progresses, that I will begin to feel a surge of that glowing energy they promise me and when I get it, I can also tell you that book will be flowing out of me like a river! For now, I appreciate the patience, kind words and messages of congratulations that I have received. You make writing even more of a pleasure for me.

Thank you.

News and update..

As many of you follow me on twitter or Facebook, this news will not come as a surprise to you but thank you for reading anyway.

I have had a lot of people asking when they can expect Burning Up to be released. I don’t have a date set yet as I am still writing. The release was set for spring but due to unforseen circumstances, I’ve had to delay this. I’m happy to reveal that the reason for my delay in writing is because I am expecting my first child.


The first few weeks were very stressful and I was hospitalised several times due to complications. However, I am pleased to announce that baby and I are doing very well and will be meeting in person November this year. I am only now into my second trimester and I am hopeful that my health and energy will now keep increasing and therefore allow me to write more productively.


I appreciate how frustrating it is to be waiting on a book that you are keen to get your hands on (I’ve been there!) But I would much rather take my time and deliver you a novel that I can be proud of and pleased with rather than one that has been rushed to meet demand.


I am so grateful and touched by all of your well wishes and will keep you updated as much as I can on the progress of Burning Up.


With my heartfelt love and gratitude to all my friends, fans and family…


Marie and bump.

Abuse, Neglect and the Mistreatment of those with Autism MUST STOP.


Abuse, Neglect and the Mistreatment of those with Autism MUST STOP.

Many of you know of my support and fundraising for autism charities. As someone with experience and a loved one with autism, I  am finding myself, once again, saddened by events I see in the media. Michael Garritson and Matthew McDuffie were arrested in September 2012 on multiple felony counts of abusing a dependent adult.

Garritson was acquitted of second-degree murder in a 1979 case involving a 13-month-old boy who died of a skull fracture while being baby sat at Garritson’s  home. During a 1985 trial, prosecutors alleged that Garritson threw the child down some stairs. However, his wife testified that she accidentally dropped the baby while her husband was out jogging. In 2002, Garritson was arrested after police found 160 dogs in his home, which he was illegally running as a kennel. The animals were being kept in filthy conditions and some of the dogs had to be euthanized. In 2003, Garritson pleaded guilty to one felony count of animal abuse. And yet he was allowed to retain his nurses licences! How is this justice!?

Garritson and McDuffie had been caring for this poor man for almost two years. It sickens me to imagine just how long this helpless individual was subjected to cruel and twisted abuse at the hands of the people he should have been able to trust. People who were supposed to care and support him. I have been unable to find out the outcome of the trial but at the time of arrest, the sickened and angered judge, stated that both Garritson and McDuffie were to be held on a $1million bond.

This harrowing case is just another reason why I campaign and fundraise for Autism. Funds raised ensure that carers like this, are given the harshest punishments and it also pays the wages of a fully trained, dedicated, supervised and criminal records checked, charity worker to care for children and adults with autism. It pays for homes, hospices and care centres where people can leave their loved ones, safe in knowledge that they are being well cared for and treated with dignity and respect. I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel about this issue. I sobbed after watching this footage. There is an epidemic of abuse against vulnerable adults and children with autism recently and I, for one, WILL NOT BE SILENCED! I WILL NOT SIT BY AND ALLOW IT. I WILL NOT SIMPLY SHRUG AND DO NOTHING. I WILL CONTINUE TO SHOUT, HOLLER AND SCREAM ABOUT IT UNTIL EVERY GOVERNMENT STANDS UP, MAKES A STATEMENT AND PROPERLY ENSURES THE CARE OF THEIR PEOPLE. I WILL CONTINUE TO RAISE FUNDS AND AWARENESS AND I WILL NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I appreciate your support in this matter.

Read more about this case at :